Individual Insurance

Health insurance is a way to help pay for health care expenses. Having insurance helps in the event of an accident or illness by paying some of the medical costs when you’re injured or sick. Like car insurance or home insurance, you can choose from a variety of plans.

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of changes to the Health Insurance industry as we have known it. Some of the changes brought forth by the Affordable Care Act are you cannot be turned down for coverage due to a health condition, there is no longer a pre- existing clause, and depending on your income you could take in a subsidy reducing what you pay monthly for your Health Insurance.

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Small Business

We have plans to fit groups of all sizes and budgets.  Please contact us for help designing a plan that fits your company’s needs.  We may be able to form a group with 2 or more employees, even if the 2 are the owners of the company.

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Individual Insurance

Not all companies need the added expense of group health insurance.  You and your employees may purchase individual & family health plans.  The employer may put together a list bill for the employee’s premium to be paid directly by the company.  The employee must pay 100% of the premium or have the money deducted and paid by the list bill.

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Short Term Plans

If you are waiting for your insurance to go active, you may need a short term medical insurance plan..  If you qualify, the plan will go active 24 hours after the application is received.



Health Savings Account qualified plans have become the front runner for small group and individual health insurance.  The reason for the popularity is the premiums.  Premiums are lower because the insured pays all up front costs at the carriers negotiated rates until the deductible has been met.  Contact us to design a plan that will fit your needs and budget.

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