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Insurance Counts offers coverage for all of your toys.  We cover motorcycles, boats, rv, golf carts, campers, trailers and so much more.  Please contact us for a free quote.

Motorcycle Insurance

Picking the right coverage for your motorcycle can be complicated.  You have to make sure you are covered properly to avoid and gaps in coverage.  Some examples are:

Liability limits – Make sure you have adequate liability coverage in the event of an accident.

Medical payments – This coverage will pay for you and blood relatives on your motorcycle.  You need to make sure you have enough coverage but you should also coordinate this coverage with your health insurance.  Medical payments coverage is a high dollar coverage and if you can keep it low then you can keep your premium low.

Passenger coverage – Some carriers don’t offer this or you have to add an endorsement to the policy in order to cover your passenger.  You have to make sure it is added if you have a passenger, if you never have a passenger don’t worry about it.

Chrome/accessories – Many motorcycle owners add custom parts, chrome and accessories to their motorcycle.  Most plans only cover OEM parts, so if you have added to the motorcycle then let your insurance agent know and they can set up the proper coverage.  Keep in mind that accessories include helmets, leather, gloves and etc.

These are just a few examples, please contact your agent in order to make sure you have proper coverage.

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